October 31, 2016

10 Benefits of Matcha – 8. Healthy skin

The Fact: Matcha can help give your skin a healthy glow The Science: Matcha contains […]
October 30, 2016

10 Benefits of Matcha – 7. Chlorophyll clears toxins

The fact: Matcha clears the body of toxins The science:   Matcha contains five times […]
October 29, 2016

10 Benefits of Matcha – 6. Lower cholesterol

The Fact: Drinking Matcha can lower cholesterol   Science: Although no one is sure of […]
October 29, 2016

Music and the Brain

It is well known that playing an instrument can relieve stress and hours spent learning […]
October 28, 2016

10 Benefits of Matcha – 5. Strengthens the immune system

The Fact: Matcha helps strengthen the immune system   The Science: Matcha is rich in […]
October 27, 2016

10 Benefits of Matcha – 4. Learning and memory

The fact: Drinking Matcha supports learning and memory The science: As we have seen, both […]
October 27, 2016

Matcha latte spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg

There’s nothing more autumnal than spiced warm drinks. Here’s our simple Matcha twist…   Stir […]
October 26, 2016

10 Benefits of Matcha – 3. Lifts your mood

The fact: Drinking Matcha can lift your mood and make you feel happy! The science: […]
October 25, 2016

10 Benefits of Matcha – 2. Calm

2/10 Benefits of Matcha – why does it make me feel so calm? The fact: […]
October 24, 2016

10 Benefits of Matcha – 1. Caffeine

Here’s our first in the series of 10 benefits of Matcha green tea – how […]
October 22, 2016

Not All Matcha Is Created Equal!

You may have heard the word on the street – Matcha is great for your […]
October 19, 2016

How to make… a hot Matcha tea

New to Matcha? Here’s a step by step on how to make a fuss-free Matcha […]
October 18, 2016

Creativity – Not Just Lightbulb Moments

We’ve got creativity on the mind, so decided to find out exactly what happens in […]
October 12, 2016

Russet Apple and Matcha Ginger Ale

Autumn is definitely here.   Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a way to […]
October 10, 2016

Practice Makes Progress

Everyone, from athletes to musicians, talks about ‘muscle memory’ – practising a skill until the […]