The Vivid Connection with Co-Working

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October 14, 2015
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October 30, 2015

The Vivid Connection with Co-Working

Why we’re supporting the co-working community…

The last couple of years have brought about a huge shift in the way we work. No longer does a company feel it’s necessary to have their own office and stay confined to their own space. This change is being led by the rise of co-working spaces popping up across the city with the likes of WeWork, Club Workspace, Launch 22 and Central Working leading the movement.

As a company that actively hot-desks, Vivid have a strong connection with this shift in work culture. Not only does it reduce costs, which is important as a startup (our founder doesn’t stop telling us), it also encourages creativity and networking. Co-working allows you to interact with employees from a range of backgrounds and share ideas, also reducing groupthink that arises from being surrounded by the same people everyday.

Since launching in August 2013 we’ve had a close relationship with many of these co-working spaces, often by sponsoring events or giving talks. We believe that a mind with focus and energy can achieve anything. This means eradicating consumption of unnatural energy drinks and endless amounts of coffee.

Vivid are on a mission to provide natural energy to the everyday person sitting behind a desk. We don’t need Red Bull rushing through our bodies; we need slow releasing caffeine and l-theanine for focus. For this reason we will continue to support the co-working community and cement our position as the energy drink of choice for the mindful entrepreneur.

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Ps. we take full credit for any start-up that makes it ‘big’ as a result of drinking Vivid, equity to be agreed 🙂